Nokia promotes the Lumia 920 in Finland with really colourful characters


A photographer visiting Helsinki captured this troupe of really colourful characters seemingly just wandering around in Helsinki.

She later found a collection of them at Nokia’s flagship store in Helsinki, promoting the Nokia Lumia 920.

She writes:

I found this weird colorful guys walking around Helsinki. At first I don’t know why they dress like that and walk around Helsinki. Later, when I went to Nokia Shop at Helsinki to see a new Lumia 920, then I saw them again in front of the shops. There  are so many people outside and inside the shop. Its so happening with music from the deejay and there also a game for kids to play inside the shops. I went inside the shop to see the new Lumia 920 and I want to touch and explore the new phone. Unfortunately, the Lumia 920 only can be seen inside a glass bubble.

Its great to hear the arrival of the device in Helsinki provoked such interest.  See more pictures on her blog here.

Thanks Mark for the tip.