Nokia Promotes Lumia 925’s Super Sensitive Screen With A New Ad Spoofing 127 Hours

Nokia today released another funny ad to promote its Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8 device. This new ad focuses on the Super Sensitive Tocuh screen on the Lumia 925 device and it is actually a spoof of 127 hours movie.

It shows a guy whose one hand got stuck under a shelf and when he tried to use his iPhone while wearing gloves using the other hand, it is not working as it doesn’t sport a Super Sensitive Touch screen as Lumia 925.

The Super Sensitive Touch technology allows you to use the touch screen with your nails, or even with your gloves on.

“Whether you are using it with gloves or a nail or stylus, it will automatically adjust the sensitiveness to provide the best possible touch screen experience.”

Watch the video above and have a laugh!