Nokia Posts Another Lumia 925 Ad Which Focuses On Low-light Photography

Nokia today released a new ad for the Nokia Lumia 925. This ad focuses on the low-light capabilities of the Lumia 925 Windows Phone device with the power of OIS. Even though the ad does not show the actual Lumia 925 device or the images taken using it, it tries to teach consumers on how important low-light photos are in our lives.

The ad shows two young guys partying all night and snapping photos with their smartphone. And when they want to see their night party experience the next morning, they find their photos taken last night in low-light shows nothing.

The Nokia Lumia 925 with ZEISS Optics and Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) can capture your night like no other smartphone:

What do you think of these kind of ads from Nokia? Does it work when compared to the traditional ads showing features and the device?