Nokia Phablet/Tablet On The Way?

MyNokiaBlog reports on two interesting intersting patents Nokia has published this year:

The Electrotactile feedback patent (and more design art) can be found here:

An apparatus including a keypad, pressure sensors and electrotactile feedback electrodes. The keypad includes a plurality of keys. Each of the keys has a topsurface. The pressure sensors are located under the top surfaces of the keys. The electrotactile feedback electrodes are located at the top surfaces of the keys.

A Kickstand like apparatus here:

An apparatus including a housing; and a stand connected to the housing. The stand is configured to cooperate with the housing for the housing and the stand to support the apparatus on a surface. The stand is movable on the housing between a retracted position and an extended position. In the retracted position the stand is substantially flat against the housing. In the extended position the stand projects from the housing with a general triangular shape.

Current rumor is that GDR3 is specifically addressing some items Nokia wants in a phablet for Windows Phone 8.  This is similar to GDR2 which addressed some under-the-hood changes specifically for the 1020.  It has been confirmed that Nokia has made several prototype tablets running Windows 8/WinRT, but none ever went into production.  I doubt Nokia is still planning on a WinRT tablet, but I think it is possible we could see an 8-inch Windows 8 tablet.

Source: MyNokiaBlog

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