Nokia Offering Free Microsoft App Hub Registration To Its Launchpad Members

Nokia once said that it will offer free Microsoft App Hub Registration to Its Launchpad Members so that they need not pay $99 to Microsoft. Nokia keeping on its word, now have started sending emails to its Launchpad members on how to get this offer. So What’s next? Nokia promised to send its Windows Phone devices for app development to Launchpad members once they are ready. Its good to see Nokia’s commitment to Application development on Windows Phone. Check out the whole mail sent to Launchpad members after the break.

Thanks Anon for tipping confidential information.

Dear Nokia Developer programs member,

We are happy to tell you some good news: We are offering a free Microsoft App Hub registration for the first one year to those Nokia Developer PRO and Launchpad members who are registered Ovi publishers in the countries  that Microsoft supports on the App Hub . This offer will save you $99 USD (the regular annual membership fee) as the membership fee will be refunded to you by Microsoft. The membership will give you access to submit applications for Windows Phone Marketplace as well as access to the developer tools, documentation, code samples and forums.

To find out the instructions on how to register and take advantage of this offer, login to your Launchpad account and check the ‘Free Microsoft App Hub registration’ on the homepage. Please note that you will need to follow the instructions provided there in order to have your refund processed. Once you have done the registration, you can drop us a note to expedite the refund process.

Please treat this information as confidential.

Best regards

Nokia Developer Programs