Nokia Music gets Dolby Surround option in Windows Phone 8


31, 2012

Author Lucas // in News

Engadet reported there are some new features for Nokia’s own music service Nokia Music in Windows Phone 8 which will bring for example Dolby Surround support. Even with (or maybe because of) the release of XBOX Music Nokia continues developing and improving all its exclusive Nokia Lumia apps, which is really good, of course, but not really surprising as well, as Nokia is known to do a great job updating all its devices services and firmwares.

The main changes noticed so far are the following:

  • Share to Facebook
  • Better Gig Finder – search
  • Now there is a 18 presets equalizer with option to tweak the seven-channel system (Dolby Surround, check next point)
  • Dolby Surround (only for Lumia 920 and 820 due to hardware capabilities)

Engadet mentioned many of those features (except Dolby Surround due to hardware capabilities) will be coming to older Lumia devices as well, but for me the update is not available so far (Germany)

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