Nokia Music + come to Russia for only $2.60

Nokia’s Music + service, which enhances their free Nokia Music streaming music service, has been rolling out round the world slowly, and has just reached Russia.

The option to purchase a subscription quietly made an appearance in the app, and the real surprise was the price.

The price of a subscription is only 80 rubles per month (~ $ 2.6). Given that the rest of the world is paying around $3.99 (~ 125 rubles) it is a great deal.

Nokia Music + offers:
• Unlimited skipping vs only 6 song per hour at present.
• Unlimited mix downloads vs only 4.
• Higher quality music over WiFi.
• Song lyrics
• Access to the mix without a smartphone on your PC, tablet, and TV (SmartTV)

To upgrade to Music + see the settings page of the app for the offer.