Nokia Moneypenny to be the Lumia 630/635 with Dual-SIM


evLeaks has been dribbling out information slowly about Nokia’s Q1 2014 line-up, and in his latest revelation he has given the Nokia Moneypenny a real name – that of the Lumia 630 or 635.

The numbering scheme would place the handset in the same pricing bracket as the popular Nokia Lumia 620, ie cheap but very capable. evLeaks has previously confirmed the handset will have dual-SIM capability, but this will only be in some configurations.

The handset will run Windows Phone 8.1, which would mean features such as a notification manager and file manager. That could mean we would have to wait for Q2 2014 to see the devices hit the market.

evLeaks also confirmed the Nokia Spinnel is an ASHA handset, which means the only code-name still unaccounted for is the Nokia Phantom, which certainly sounds mysterious enough.