Nokia Lumia scores average for battery life on run down test, let down by WP8.1 standby time issues


GSMArena has run their very comprehensive battery run down  test on the Nokia Lumia 630, measuring it in areas such as talk time, web browsing, video playback and standby time.

In most areas the handset did very well for a device in its price range, scoring ahead of the Motorola Moto G in talk time and video playback for example.

The handset was however unable to meet Nokia’s claimed 600 h standby time. GSMArena notes:

Unfortunately, we couldn’t achieve the promised 600 hours of stand-by time, advertised by the manufacturer. We’ve tried our test three times and every time the Lumia 630 went dead at about 200 hours or so. It’s quite a poor result and hopefully it’ll improve with a firmware update.

I think that result is probably consistent with our own experience of the WP8.1 Developer Preview, that the OS is somewhat more power hungry than earlier versions in standby.

GSMArena concludes:

Nokia Lumia 630 final endurance rating as per our pre-defined usage pattern is 55 hours. It is an average rating and it means your phone will last just over 2 days if you used it for an hour of video playback, calling over a 3G network and web browsing each day.

It is of note though that the overall score is much better than for the Nokia Lumia 620, which scored only 36h in GSMArena’s test, mainly due to very poor web browsing score, and also exceeds that of the Nokia Lumia 520, which also did poorer in the video playback test.

See the full test result at GSMArena here.