Nokia Lumia range still selling well in Finland, especially in Enterprise

Bestsellers phones to personal customers in August 2012:
1. Samsung Galaxy S III (-)
2. Nokia Lumia 610 (+1)
3. Samsung Galaxy S II(+1)
4. Nokia C2-01(+2)
5. Apple iPhone 4S(-3)
6. Nokia Lumia 800(-1)
7. Samsung Galaxy GIO(-)
8. Nokia 300(+3)
9. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
10. Nokia Lumia 710(-1)
11. Nokia 500(-1)
12. Nokia Lumia 900(-4)
13. Apple iPhone 4
14. Nokia C5-00 5MP(-2)
15. Samsung Galaxy Note(-2)

Bestsellers phones for business in August 2012:
1. Nokia C2-01(-1)
2. Nokia Lumia 800(+1)
3. Apple iPhone 4S(-1)
4. Nokia Lumia 900(+1)
5. Nokia E7-00(+1)
6. Samsung Galaxy S III(+1)
7. Samsung Galaxy S II(+7)
8. Nokia C5-00 5 MP(-)
9. Nokia Lumia 710(-5)
10. Nokia Lumia 610(-)
11. Nokia 300
12. Samsung Xcover 271(-3)
13. Samsung Galaxy Xcover(-1)
14. Nokia E5-00(-1)
15. Nokia 701(-4)

DNA best sellers phones in August 2012
1. Samsung Galaxy S II(+6)
2. Samsung Galaxy S III(-1)
3. Nokia 113 *
4. Samsung Galaxy Y(+2)
5. iPhone 4S(-4)
6. Nokia Lumia 610(-1)
7. Samsung Galaxy Xcover(-4)
8. Nokia C2-05 *
9. Nokia Lumia 800(-)
10. Nokia Lumia 710

It is a new month, and that means a new set of charts and figures.  Today we have Finnish carriers Elisa and DNA and their best-seller charts.

Elisa’s consumer  charts show the Nokia Lumia 610 is doing a good job in sustaining sales in Finland, with the handset going up one spot to second place, just behind the Samsung Galaxy S III, which retained the top spot.

The iPhone 4S in the mean time dropped 3 spots in anticipation of a new version being announced soon. Overall Nokia has 8 handsets in the top 15, vs 5 for Samsung and 2 for Apple.

On the business end Nokia is showing even more strength, with the Nokia Lumia 800 outselling the iPhone 4S and the Nokia Lumia 900 outselling the Samsung Galaxy S III, hopefully indicating that businesses are starting to see the value of Windows Phones over Android handsets.

finlandFor business Nokia phones occupy 10 out of the 15 spots, with Samsung holding 4 and Apple one.

DNA seems to be in a completely different country.  On this (smaller) carrier Samsung is pretty dominant, with Samsung holding both top spots, and 4 in total out of 10. Nokia  has 5 spots, while Apple one.

It is worth noting that Windows Phone has now decisively overtaken Symbian’s installed base in Finland in only 9 months since the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 800 in February 2012, and it seems likely a strong showing with Windows Phone 8 will start challenging both Android and iOS pretty soon there too.

Thanks Arun for the tip.