Nokia Lumia launch in Finland caused measurable drop in market share of iPhone and Android


While the graph above which depicts mobile browser market share in Finland as measured by Statcounter shows that there is still a very, very long way to go before Windows Phone 7 can play with the big boys, it also shows that the other mobile OS’s should have reason for concern.

The adoption of the Nokia Lumia 800 in Finland has been so rapid that it had a measurable impact on the browser market share (and likely real market share) of the other mobile operating systems, with all reporting a drop in the 2 weeks since the Nokia Lumia 800 launched.

Date iOS Android SymbianOS MeeGo Maemo 5 Windows Phone
2012-04 38.53 33.48 22.84 1.57 0.92 0.83
2012-05 37.97 34.2 21.94 1.73 0.9 1.55
2012-06 37.57 33.95 21.79 1.66 0.86 2.52

The red shaded cells means loss of share from the previous week, and in the week past there has not been a major OS unaffected.

Hopefully these market share gains will continue in Finland, and Microsoft and Nokia together can find a way of replicating it elsewhere.