Nokia Lumia handsets starting to benefit from incidental advertising

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone incidentally advertised

Apple does not generally pay for product placement, yet their products appear in the majority of movies representing computers, phones and tablets.  That kind of unpaid incidental advertising only comes from having iconic products that represent a whole industry, at least in the minds of producers.

Vodafone RED Box - Yoda - No Need For Jedi Training

It seems in Brazil Nokia’s Windows Phones also have that brand power, as Nokia’s Windows Phones (and a wayward N9) shows up repeatedly in this clip from Brazilian TV channel Globo decrying the killing of the red phone box by mobile phones.

We have also seen the Nokia Lumia 800 show up in a number of Vodafone commercials in UK simply representing phones.

While Nokia does of course pay for product placement, this kind of placement on prime time news money cant buy. Hopefully we will continue to see more and more as time goes on and the brand recovers.


Thanks Norbert for the tip.