Nokia Lumia handsets coming to Singapore and Thailand


Nokia is attempting to boost their Q2 shipments by rolling out the low-cost Nokia Lumia 610 as rapidly as possible.  reports the company will be delivering the handset in Singapore on the 5th May 2012 for the low, low price of only S$379, less than half the price of the S$775 Nokia Lumia 800.

The handset is expected to retail free on contract and will available in white, cyan, magenta, and black.

In Thailand Nokia is launching the full Nokia Lumia range: Nokia Lumia 900 priced at 18,000 baht, Nokia Lumia 800 at 15,400 baht, Lumia 710 at 9,000 and Lumia 610 at 7,400 baht.

Jirapat Janjerdsak, Nokia’s head ecosystem developer, indicated Marketplace will roll out to Thailand soon, and Nokia plans a massive marketing campaign for the new phones, including building a Lumia Centre to demonstrate products for customers.

Grant McBeath, managing director of Nokia Thailand and emerging markets Asia was optimistic about the impact of the handsets.

"We aim to become a dominant player in the smartphone market again over the next two to three years," he said. "We [Nokia Thailand] expect sales of Lumia will contribute as much as 90% of our total revenue this year, with the remaining 10% from Symbian phones."

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Thanks Arun for the tip.