Nokia Lumia 930 Wireless Bundle Offer Reintroduced In The UK


19, 2014


During the launch of Nokia Lumia 930 in the UK, Nokia offered a wireless bundle for free to first set of customers who ordered the device. As part of this bundle, a MD-12 wireless speaker and DC-50 Portable Wireless Charger was given free to the customers. Microsoft has now decided to officially reintroduce this offer, so all new UK orders will now be eligible to receive this bundle. Clove UK today posted this new on their blog with following info to claim this offer,

To claim the bundle, you will first need to wait for your Lumia 930 to arrive from Clove. You can then visit the Lumia 930 Offer redemption website and input the unique IMEI number of your phone (please be aware that this site will not be live until Saturday 20/09 when the announcement is made for physical high street sales).

Once you have added your IMEI number, the website will prompt you for your choice of colour for the speaker (black, yellow, green or orange). There is limited stock of each colour available at any given time, so if yours is unavailable, try again later (See update below).The portable charger will always be white. Following this, you can add your preferred delivery details to the page and Nokia will dispatch as soon as possible.

Another great news is that the price of Lumia 930 has dropped officially. You can now order your choice of Green, Orange or Black from Clove for just £399.98 (£333.32 ex-VAT).


Microsoft notified us that MD-12 speaker will be available only in White color.

Source: Clove UK

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