Nokia Lumia 928 spotted at Nokia private concert


3, 2013

Author Surur // in News

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TheNokiaBlog reports seeing the Nokia Lumia 928 last night at a private concert hosted by Nokia.

At the small event featuring Ed Sheeran in New York a number of Nokia Lumia 920s were given to the blogger audience to try out.

TheNokieBlog’s Mark Guim however also noticed several devices covered in black cases on tripods, monopods, and even carried by a few people walking around that matched the leaked pictures of the Nokia Lumia 928.

This included the position of the Xenon flash, and it was clear the headphone and charging port was in a completely different position from the similarly sized Nokia Lumia 920, as well as the large speaker at the back.

Mark suspects Nokia was recording video samples to use at the launch of the handset, which is expected in less than 2 weeks. I guess we do not have long to wait.

Read more at TheNokiaBlog here.

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