Nokia Lumia 928 reviewed (video)


17, 2013

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Nokia Lumia 928 Review

PhoneArena have posted their review of the Nokia Lumia 928 , currently available at Verizon.

They note the pros of the low price, slightly thinner and lighter design, Nokia enhancements and camera quality, but lamented the long time it takes to make a focus adjustment when recording video, and the lack of improvement in the specs department.

They concluded:

Somehow in the back of our minds, we can’t help but think about why it took so long for the Lumia 928 to arrive – even more when it’s essentially a remodeled Lumia 920, which AT&T customers have been presented with since the fall of 2012. Granted, it’s nice that it’s finally here and complements Big Red’s existing Windows Phone lineup, especially when it’s flaunting a tantalizing price point of $99.99 with a 2-year contract, but it just seems, you know, late to the game. Despite that, it’s undoubtedly the best Windows Phone that’s on the lineup – for now, that is. Who knows when we’ll see another Windows Phone, but let’s not think ahead of ourselves right now, seeing that the Lumia 928 is a wonderful offering that delivers the goods in making it a very well-rounded choice for those conscious on a budget.

The handset scored a solid 8/10.

See their full review here.

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