Nokia Lumia 928 may be selling twice as fast as the Blackberry Z10 on Verizon


Here is an interesting titbit of information for our analyst-minded readers to mull over.

We do not have direct numbers from Verizon on how the Nokia Lumia 928 is doing there, but we do have some indirect evidence that it is doing reasonably well.

A recent tweet by Alan Mendelevich ?from AdDuplex suggests that Verizon has now in total sold more Windows Phone 8 devices than AT&T.  In part this is likely due to the release of the Nokia Lumia 928 on the carrier.

Another proxy for sales however is the number of reviews left by buyers, and it is there where we can also do some interesting comparisons.

 Blackberry Z10Nokia Lumia 928Blackberry Q10
22 March 2013Release date  
16 May 2013 Release date 
06 June 2013  Release date
09 June 20131971431

It seems in 79 days on the market the Blackberry Z10 managed only 197 reviews, or about 2.5 per day.

At the same time the Nokia Lumia 928, released 24 days ago, gathered 143 reviews, or about 6 per day, clearly significantly faster.

The Blackberry Q1 was of course meant to fix what ails the Blackberry Z10, offering the traditional Blackberry keyboard experience.  However after 3 days on the market the handset only garnered one review, suggesting Blackberry should not bank on this handset to save the company.

The Nokia Lumia 928 also scored significantly better than the BB Z10, with the Lumia averaging 4.9, while the Z10 averaging 4.4.

Analyst Peter Mistek from Jefferies analysts has found that 48% of those he surveyed now recognized Windows Phone as the 3rd ecosystem behind iOS and Android, vs 43% for Blackberry.  The lack of performance by Blackberry’s new BB10 products will likely continue to reinforce this transition.

Windows Phone overtook Blackberry in terms of shipments for the first time worldwide in Q1 2013, and has also overtaken Blackberry in terms of web usage in USA, according to Statcounter.

Having Windows Phone firmly established and recognized as the 3rd ecosystem is helpful in focusing the efforts of developers, companies creating apps, and companies looking for an enterprise platform. Hopefully the issue will become even clearly over the next few weeks, with Blackberry set to announce their second quarter results later this month.

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