Nokia Lumia 920T better seller on Amazon China than iPhone 5


16, 2012

Author Surur // in News


We don’t know exactly how well either the Nokia Lumia 920T or the iPhone 5 is doing in China, although early indications are that China is cooling on the iPhone 5.

What we do however know is that today Amazon China, who is selling both the iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920T, is reporting that the Nokia Lumia 920T is a better seller, ranking the Nokia device as 5th and the iPhone 5 as 6th.

It is of note that the devices which are ahead of the Nokia Lumia 920T costs between a half to a tenth of the price of the handset (4,599 Yuan vs 138, 770, 1,222 and 1,888).  The iPhone 5 16GB is comparatively closely priced to the Nokia Lumia 920T, costing 5,288 Yuan).

Unfortunately for Nokia the supply problem remains an issue, with the handset out of stock on Amazon at present, forcing buyers to chose pre-orders instead of being a shipping device.  This suggests that even if the Nokia device is in high demand, it will never exceed the iPhone’s sales if they can not sort out their availability issues.

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