Nokia Lumia 920 vs. 925 vs. 928

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. 925 vs. 928

Three flagship Nokia Lumia phones are now available, but which one is the best to buy? It is a tough decision and one that will most likely come down to carrier availability and personal preference. The 920, 925, and 928 are essentially the same phone with minor variations based on carrier demand. It is also good to keep in mind that it has been heavily rumored that the Nokia EOS will arrive late this summer. More information will likely leak after Microsoft’s BUILD conference in June.

The following is a table comparing the three phones:

Table Comparing Nokia Lumia 920 vs. 925 vs. 928

The major difference between the 920 vs. 925 & 928 is that the 920 is IPS display while the other two are both AMOLED. AMOLED screens are normally brighter and give much deeper blacks and more saturated colors. The 925 & 928 are also both lighter than the 920. The 925 uses a banded aluminum edge with a polycarbonate back, making it significantly lighter than the other two phones. The advantage of the 928 is primarily the xenon flash, which will allow for great fast motion pictures, and better battery life due to the radios used. However, the 928 is only available in two colors, black and white.  The 928 also has a more squared design allowing it to shed off around ~20 grams of weight. The 925 also has its own unique advantages. The 925 is a lighter phone, has better reception due to the antenna being in the aluminum, and includes an additional lens in the camera, allowing for better daylight and low-light photographs.  The 925 however does come with the odd problem of only 16 GB internal storage and no microSD slot, which will be problematic for many.  Aesthetically the 920 still looks the best, sporting the classic Lumia design. Any current Lumia 920 owner should not regret their purchase a mere 6 months ago with the introduction of these two new phones.

For those of you who do not like to read, here is the same information in bullet form:


  • Advantages
    • Better Design
    • More Color Options
    • Built in Wireless Charging
  • Disadvantages
    • IPS Screen
    • Relatively heavy


  • Advantages
    • Lighter Phone
    • AMOLED Display
    • Better Reception
    • Additional Camera Lens
  • Disadvantages
    • Additional Cover required for wireless charging
    • Alternative Design
    • Limited Color Choices (can add colorful covers)
    • 16 GB Internal Storage


  • Advantages
    • AMOLED Display
    • Xenon Flash
    • 3 HACC Microphones
    • Slightly Lighter
    • Improved Battery Life
  • Disadvantages
    • Alternative Design
    • Only two color choices


GDR2 is also coming in June. Nokia is calling this update ‘Amber,’ a combination of GDR2 with Nokia’s own updates. The Amber update will benefit almost all Nokia phones, adding a smart camera app, improvements to daylight photos, and enabling FM radio (w/ the exception of the 620).

So, which phone are you getting? The 920, 925, 928, or holding out for EOS and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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