Nokia Lumia 900 ONLINE pre-orders now open, Wal-Mart offering the best deal


Online pre-orders have now opened for the Nokia Lumia 900, for those who could not make it to their nearest AT&T store.

Unfortunately AT&T is not allowing those buying the handset outright to pre-order online, suggesting they go a physical store.

Interestingly, while the handset is available at AT&T online, Wal-Mart is offering an even better deal. Wal-Mart’s  LetsTalk mobile store are offering the the Cyan or Black model of the AT&T Lumia 900 for just $49.99 – half of the cost on AT&T.

That deal is also available to both new contracts and those upgrading.

Find the Wal-Mart Lumia 900 Pre-Order (Cyan, Black) here and the AT&T page here.


Thanks John for the tip.