Nokia Lumia 900 launches on May 18th in Philippines, Jump Smoker attending


imageMisterJojon reports that Nokia will be launching the Nokia Lumia 900 in the Phillipines on the 18th of May in what they call the Lumianation event.

The launch spectacular in Manila will include a live performance by the international music group Jump Smokers to play a live performance.  The Chicago-based music group has two members – DJ Flipside and Reydon – who are Filipinos born in the U.S. and the group has been topping charts recently around the world.

Nokia has been using a number of music stars recently to launch their Lumia handsets, employing Deadmau5 in London and Nicki Minaj in New York.

Read more about the event at Misterjonjon here.

Thanks Neil for the tip.