Nokia Lumia 900 coming to O2 Germany next week




As our trusted source predicted all the way back in March (before we even knew when the AT&T version would show up) we now expect the Nokia Lumia 900 to hit O2 Germany some time next week.

The handset will be available for € 541 unlocked or for 24 instalments of € 22.50. The handset will be available in Black, White and Cyan, and O2 will be running a specific promotion for the white handset, calling it the “White Sensation”. As can be seen in the picture above, it will also include the whole range of Lumia handsets in white, including the Lumia 710 and 800.

The promotion is expected to emphasize the more than 500 new features in Windows Phone Mango, which is of course an interesting tack to take so late in the life of the OS update, but may be useful to remind people the OS does have many interesting features.

Thanks again to our tipster.

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