Nokia Lumia 900 4.8/5 after 313 reviews, HTC One X 3.2/5 after 5


10, 2012

Author Surur // in News



There is an idea that the legendary customer satisfaction of Windows Phone will decrease when the phones sells in volume.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is probably the first Windows Phone to get anything close to mainstream volume, and there is every evidence that the OS has continued to maintain its high level of satisfaction even after landing in the hands of tens to hundreds of thousands of users.

On Amazon the handset already has 313 reviews, with the vast majority of them a solid 5/5.

This contrasts to the recently released HTC One X, which only has 5 reviews so far, and is not doing so great, with a meagre 3.2/5 so far.

Examples of frustration include the WIFI performance, with one buyer complaining “Flawed out of the box, …it just will not stay connected to certain routers” with even the excellent HD screen coming under fire for demanding HD quality video, making the 12 GB free storage on the non-expandable device feel pretty cramped.

All of which goes to show you just cant buy happiness, even with advanced tech specs.

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