Nokia Lumia 810 the only Windows Phone on T-Mobile to get LTE

LTE is coming to T-Mobile USA in selected markets, and January T-Mobile told Engadget the Nokia Lumia 810 will be getting an firmware upgrade to support the technology at some point.

While the Nokia Lumia 810 is a nice enough handset, it is not the best specified Windows Phone on T-Mobile USA.  That honour goes to the HTC 8X, but is seems buyers of that device will be left out of the LTE party.

WPDaily enquired from T-Mobile and received the following reply:

The Lumia 810 is the only other LTE-capable device on T-Mobile aside from the Note II, and we will share timing of that LTE MR at a later time. Please stay tuned.

The reason is likely related to Nokia’s radio expertise, which allows them to support a wide variety of frequencies with one chipset.

As WPDaily notes, the news is a nice boost for existing owners of the NL 810, but of course does leave new buyers in a bind -  Buy an HTC 8X for its nice design, thin profile and very good HD screen, or buy a lower specced and frankly less attractively designed Nokia Lumia 810 for the coming high speed network support.

Which one would our readers chose? Let us know below.