Nokia Lumia 800 outselling iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 on Finland’s largest operator

Elisa Personal customers ‘ top sellers phones in January 2013:
1. Nokia Lumia 800
2. Apple iPhone 5
3. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
4. Nokia Lumia 820
5. Samsung Galaxy S III MINI
6. Nokia Lumia 900
7. Nokia Lumia 920
8. Nokia ASHA 311
9. Apple iPhone 4S
10. the ZTE Blade (III)
11. Nokia C2-01
12. the Samsung Galaxy GIO
13. Samsung Galaxy XCOVER
14. Nokia ASHA 300
15. Samsung Galaxy S NOTE (II)
Elisa Corporate top sellers phones in January 2013:
1. Nokia Lumia 920
2. Nokia C2-01
3. Nokia Lumia 800
4. Nokia Lumia 820
5. Apple iPhone 5
6. Nokia Lumia 900
7. Apple iPhone 4S
8. Samsung Xcover 271
9. HUAWEI arm curl attachment F610
10. Nokia 330
11. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
12. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
13. Nokia X 610
14. Nokia Lumia 710
15. Apple iPhone 4
DNA best-selling phones in January 2013

1. the iPhone 5
2. Nokia 113 *
3. Samsung Galaxy S Y
4. Nokia Lumia 920
5. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
6. Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
7. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
8. Nokia Lumia 820
9. Nokia C2-01 *
10. iPhone 4S

Above we have the the latest rankings for January for Finland’s largest carrier, Elisa, and the third largest, DNA.

As we have come to expect, Nokia Lumia handsets have continued to sell well in Finland, with Nokia’s older range carrying much of the burden, as can be seen by the Lumia 800 outselling the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S 3, likely due to attractive pricing and continuing shortages of the Nokia Windows Phone 8 range.

On the corporate side where buyers are less price sensitive the Lumia 920 has managed to make it to the top of the list, followed by the 800 and 820.

Elisa corporate Connectivity-Business Director Jorma Niemelä notes the presense of Lumia handsets at all price ranges clearly confirms the company’s position in enterprise with Lumia sales growing strongly, with companies choosing Windows Phone due to Office applications integration, familiar user experience, as well as integration with companies’ existing Windows backend systems. “Windows Phone 8 appears to meet the expectations of our consumers and business customers,” he said.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

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