Nokia Lumia 800 creating “massive interest” at Clove UK, but no unlocked handsets available until 2012

In contrast to our post about the reception of the Nokia Lumia 800 in the Netherlands, Clove UK reports that they are seeing massive interest  in Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handset.

Unfortunately for Clove is seems Nokia will not be making the handset available unlocked in UK this year, with delivery only expected in January 2012.

The difference between reports from the two retailers likely come down to promotion by Nokia.  Our readers report hardly any is taking place in the Netherlands, while in UK saturation marketing is taking place, with the phone showing up in shopping malls, numerous television adverts and all over the print media.

While Nokia may be reserving the unlocked handsets for Europe, I am sure it would not be too difficult to order one from if need be.