Nokia Lumia 800 comes to Colombia, Chile


We posted this morning about the Nokia Lumia 800 coming to Mexico.

The handset has also continued to move further south, and has now also shown up in Colombia and Chile.

In Colombia the handset will be available on Movistar Colombia and Comcel.

On Movistar the handset is selling for $929,900 and also a variety of plans which brings the price down considerably.

Comcel is offering the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 at its stores, with more information available here.

Nokia in Chile is also advertising the handset on their page with Claro being one of the carriers, offering the handset from free on a $44,990 plan. Other carriers include  Movistar and Entel, VTR.

The roll out of the handset to emerging markets where Nokia’s brand is the strongest should do a lot to boost the number of units shipped, however it is still far from certain if enough devices will hit the market to justify the pretty lofty predictions made by analysts.

Thanks Zetagnos and Ricardo for the tip.