Nokia Lumia 710, Samsung Omnia W coming to Vodafone Germany soon


While we joked about the analyst that said Nokia needed a really low end Windows Phone, it is of course true that lower prices drive volume, which is why Nokia created the Nokia Lumia 710.

Nokia’s drive in Europe has been driven so far by the Lumia 800, but it seems, according to Vodafone Germany’s Coming Soon page, that the Nokia Lumia 710 will soon also be joining the line up, probably selling for more than 100 Euro less than the flagship handset.

While the phone is thicker and somewhat less stylish than its headline brother, it is still a good-looking handset, and comes with all of the software features, including Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and Nokia Music, which is included with the 800.

The page also indicates the Samsung Omnia W is also coming soon, which is also a low-end competitor to this handset and comes with a front-facing camera, missing from the Lumia 800.

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Thanks Maximilian for the tip.