Nokia Lumia 625 now on sale in the UK



Author Surur // in News


Nokia’s large-screened handset, the Nokia Lumia 625, is now on sale in UK.

The handset is now available unlocked from a variety of retailers, with Expansys unusually hitting the cheapest price point at £239.99.

The handset, which is expected to eventually be available on all carriers, is currently also available from free on contract from Vodafone and T-Mobile UK.

On Vodafone the handset can be had from £21 on a 24 month contract, while T-Mobile UK is offering the handset for free from £26 on contract.

The prices are somewhat competitive with current generation handsets, but is in fact more expensive than for example older handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, showing there is some space for further discounts.

Are any of our readers picking one up? Let us know below.

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