Nokia Lumia 610 reviewed–better specs than iPhone 3GS, cheap Androids


imagePocket-lint have reviewed the new Nokia Lumia 610.

While the specs of the handset of unlikely to excite any of our readers, Pocket-lint does a good job of comparing it to other handsets in the same price range, and found it generally superior.

They found the handset snappy, battery life adequate and the camera better than expected (see an example above). The design, while not ground breaking, was also not embarrassing, like other cheap Androids.

They note in terms of specs and capabilities the Lumia 610 is best compared to the iPhone 3GS and certainly better than most Android handsets that they note are incredibly slow and “nasty to use.”

They conclude:

The Lumia 610 offers a very user friendly experience for the first-time smartphone user.

It’s enjoyable to use, as a phone "just works" and comes with enough extras and goodies – Nokia Drive, Nokia Music, Nokia Transport that it will go down well with those that try it.

However Nokia’s biggest challenge will be to convince people to try it, to convince them that they don’t want the plethora of apps the iPhone offers, or the friendly cuddle of BBM and a keyboard.

Against the low-end Android handsets this is a no-brainer, the experience is just miles better, but something tells us the salesman keen to sell you an Android handset when you walk into the store isn’t going to take no for an answer, and that’s a shame.

If you are looking for your first smartphone, be strong, you won’t be disappointed.

Read the full review at Pocket-lint here.