Nokia Lumia 525 hands-on


28, 2013

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Nokia_Lumia_525_front Nokia_Lumia_525_controls Nokia_Lumia_525_back

CNET Asia has had a hands-on with the $200 Nokia Lumia 525 prototype.

They note the handset has the same design aesthetic as the rest of the Nokia Lumia range and features a removable rear cover and 1,430 mAh removable battery.

The rear cover is swappable and is available in yellow, blue, red, white, and black.

The handset has a 5 megapixel camera, which CNET notes produces decent pictures in good light, but otherwise lacks a flash.

As with the Nokia Lumia 520, the one weak feature is the WVGA screen, which they note appear sunken and less vibrant, but is still IPS and the screen is of the super-sensitive variety.

The handset will be available in Singapore on the 14th December for  S$249 (US$198) and will be released with the much more high end Nokia Lumia 1520.  Besides Singapore, the Lumia 525 will be available in Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

Via CNET Asia, thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip.

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