Nokia Lumia 521 sells 18000 units in less than a day on the Home Shopping Network


owV42DWThe Nokia Lumia 521, which is on special offer at the Home Shopping Network for only $99.95 (or $80 with coupon code “135235?), is moving gangbusters  at their online store.

In less than 18 hours more than 18,000 units have already been sold, and the handset is on track to sell around 25,000 units by the time the 24 hour offer period is over.

The handset is also a good mover on, being one of the best-selling no-contract phones there, and seems to be getting good support from T-Mobile, if this T-Mobile display is any indication.

Could the Nokia Lumia 520, which Stephen Elop said would see even deeper distribution in Q3 2013, be Nokia’s key to the US market? Let us know below.

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