Nokia Lumia 521 back on the HSN, now labelled a “Show Stopper”


Sales of the Nokia Lumia 521 must have impressed even the Home Shopping Network, as they have restocked the $149.95 handset and have now added the device to their collection of “Show Stoppers”

According to their page, Show Stoppers are:

From world premieres and new products to back-in-stock favorites…our curated collection of obsessed over must-haves.

Interestingly the Nokia Lumia 521 is the only cellphone in the list of more than 50 products, and in fact the only piece of electronics which is not a home appliance, which may say something about the market it is appealing to.

The Nokia Lumia 521 is now also available at Walmart for an even cheaper $129.88 commitment-free, and sold our rapidly on its debut.

See the entry at the HSN here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.