Nokia Lumia 1520 vs LG G2 (Video)

Nokia Lumia 1520 vs LG G2

 PhoneArena has pitted the Nokia Lumia 1520  against  LG G2, which surprisingly looks pretty tiny compared to the 6 inch handset, despite its larger than average 5.2 inch screen.

In specs the devices are pretty evenly matched, with both using the same processor,  RAM and GPU.  The LG G2 however makes better use of the multi-tasking power of the devices, with the ability to watch video in a floating window for example, but I suspect this will eventually create a rather less predictable experience.

The Nokia handset wins with a better camera UI and still photos, but once again the Nokia’s video experience lets it down compared to the LG G2, suggesting Nokia needs to address this software issue.

The Nokia handset had significantly better battery life than the LG G2, but the G2 won when it came to extra features such as an IR blaster and video out.

In the end the infinitely customizable LG G2 was judged the better device for the power user, while the Nokia handset clearly offered the bigger screen for the least money.

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