Nokia Lumia 1520 gets taken for a wild jet ride



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Ars Technica took a Nokia Lumia 1520 on a March 0.6 jet ride over Texas to test the video quality and optical image stabilization, and reports the handset did pretty well in this extreme test.

They write:

The day was partially overcast but still quite bright, and as you can see by the above video, the Lumia 1520 functioned quite amiably at 13,000 feet in the backseat of the little jet. The screen was actually quite easy to see, even through sunglasses and in full daylight; however, I left the device in full auto mode throughout the flight so that I wouldn’t have to be fiddling with the exposure. As a consequence of this, the 1520’s camera did a pretty aggressive job of adjusting its own exposure settings.

The flight was relatively smooth, but the Gnat is miles away from delivering the kind of ride you get on a commercial airliner. Still, even though I was shooting handheld from the backseat of a jet trainer, the 1520’s image stabilization did a great job of keeping away jitter. The overall image quality isn’t quite up to the Lumia 1020’s uber-camera, but it captured some awesome footage out of the Gnat’s canopy.

I am sure if the camera can handle 5 G rolls in a jet your typical theme park birthday party will not present any challenge at all.

Via NPU.

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