Nokia Lumia 1520 + 2520 AT&T bundle is a great idea


Nokia has announced the price of their new Lumia 2520 10.1 inch tablet, and while on contract the tablet will cost a relatively pricy $400,  Nokia and AT&T will be offering the tablet for only $199 if purchased with a Nokia Lumia 925, 1020 or even better the Nokia Lumia 1520.

This will of course include AT&T’s $10 Mobile Share plan, which makes the total cost around $440, which is still a great deal considering it includes data wherever you go.

I don’t know if AT&T offers a similar deal for Android handsets, but it makes amazing sense for a new ecosystem like Windows Phone and Windows RT to be bundled together, and I suspect many of our readers already intent on buying a new Nokia Lumia 1520 will also be picking up the tablet in this near irresistible deal.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.