Nokia Lumia 1020 off to be better start than the Lumia 928


AdDuplex is close to releasing their monthly Windows Phone stats, collected from their global ad network.

As usual the head of the company, Alan Mendelevich,  has posted some teasers a few days earlier. For fans of the Nokia Lumia 1020 the news is better than expected – according to their stats the handset is doing better than the Nokia Lumia 928 did in its early days.  Alan later revealed this was around 1% of the Windows Phones in USA, and with around 3-4 million handsets in use in the country that would come to about 40,000 1020’s sold.

The number is not a resounding success,  but is certainly a solid footing for what is a relatively niche device.

In another interesting tweet Alan revealed the Nokia Lumia 520 was now more than 25% of all Windows Phone 8 handsets, showing the ascendancy of the low-end Windows Phone is still going strong.

The full stats should be released soon.

Via, thanks Tom for the tip.