Nokia leaks more Nokia Lumia 928 camera samples

WP_20130224_043 WP_20130224_034

original(2) I think it is pretty clear now that Nokia is leaking sample pictures taken by the Nokia Lumia 928.  The pictures of the family above is just too marketing perfect for anything else.

In any case, the pictures also give a pretty good idea of the performance of the front facing camera in the picture on the top left, and with its reflection in the mirror also gives us the first look at the back of the elusive Nokia Lumia 928, with its flash or camera placement clearly in a very different location from thee Nokia Lumia 928.

The front of the device can also be spotted in a reflection of the woman’s sun glasses, probably telling us more about how good the front facing camera is than anything about the styling of the device, which is obviously dominated by the screen.Untitled

The pictures were spotted by Androsym identified by their EXIF data, though they did not reveal where.

We have also spotted the handset in or logs, interestingly with both a Verizon and Mexican IP address.  I suspect it will not be too long before we see the device hit the market.

Via WPC.