Nokia knew Lumia meant prostitute, did not care

After Nokia officially announced their Lumia there were a few snickers, with some commenting that the company must not have done a lot of research, given that it was well known the name meant prostitute in Spain.

On the official Nokia blog the company revealed that in  fact a huge amount of research went into the naming scheme.

From an initial list of nearly 200 names only a handful made it through this stage for what was eventually the Nokia Lumia, says Chris George, head of Brand Architecture at Nokia.

They knew that lumi, or lumia, is a very old Spanish word, long fallen into disuse. Chris George says “Although it was slang, we did pick that up and decided to run consumer research to check the connotations.  The results showed that over 60% of Spanish consumers thought it was a great name for mobile technology. They thought firstly of  “light” and “style” rather than the more obscure, negative meaning”.

To balance that out, they note in Finland lumi means snow, and lumia meant snow in plural.

Lumia was in the end picked from a shortlist by company officials as a name that sounded great when paired with Nokia and ended with a vowel to make it work phonetically.

I think being associated with something that is at least somewhat sexy and salacious is surely a lot better than another Nokia C3-00 or a Nokia X3-00.

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