Nokia hooks up with mobile gift-giving service for 40% discount

parcelgenieNokia is engaging in a somewhat interesting promotion with Parcelgenie, a UK-only gift-giving service which allows one to send a selection of small gifts to loved ones with only a few taps on your phone.

Users are able to select from 50 + gifts ranging from a small pack of retro sweets costing about £2, to more expensive items such as the Mother’s Day Bundle (10th March),which is priced at £12.49 and have these hand-wrapped and delivered by Next-day Royal Mail delivery using only the phone number of the recipient.

Payment can be either via your phone bill or Paypal/ credit card and delivery is currently limited only to UK.

Nokia is offering a 40% discount on using this service until the 25th March, using the offer code 7KG32E.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here and read more about the service at Nokia Conversations here.