Nokia hints at the return of “feature” smartphones

SlashGear sat down with Jo Harlow, EVP of Smart Devices, Marco Ahtisaari, EVP of Design, and Stefan Pannenbecker, VP of Industrial Design at Mobile World Congress and probed them about their vision of the future.

One of their interesting themes was that rather than a single, increasingly powerful phone in your pocket, all three VPs talked about a resurgence in dedicated devices.

While smartphones have been evolving to merge the camera, the music player, the fitness tracker, and more, the Nokia execs  however felt that specificity has its own advantages.

“I think there’ll be room for more and more dedicated devices that do a few things really well again” Ahtisaari predicts. “And that is slightly a contrarian view, but I think what we’ll see is increasing complexity and ability… you can either shortcut through the environment, but this means also space for dedicated devices that do a few things really well. Yes, a phone, but other functionalities too.”

The idea harkens back to the pre-smartphone feature-phone age, when we had camera phones and music phones or super-slim phones and may find its expression in smartphones that remain generalists but do one thing, such as taking pictures, really well.

An example of such a device was the 808 Pureview, which compromised on size by offering the best smartphone camera ever, and we may see such a dedicated device again with the rumoured Nokia EOS Pureview smartphone, which is said to be an AT&T exclusive.

Do our readers think having to chose a phone based on only a few stand-out features is a good idea, or do you prefer a phone that does most things well instead on one thing excellently?  Let us know below.

Via MNB.

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