Nokia hides subliminal Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 in Red Bull app video

Nokia hides Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 in Red Bull app video

The Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 is rapidly becoming the unicorn of Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

WPDaily saw it in a Microsoft video (since it lacks the Nokia Smile I think that’s a NL 900) while Professeur Thibault saw it in the Red Bull app video.

Fortunately the Prof’s claim was easier to verify, and slowing the video down and playing it frame by frame (as in the above excerpt) one can see in one single frame the elusive Cyan Nokia Lumia 920.

Now of course this may just be a rendering error, but maybe Nokia is intentionally leaving us clues in the run up to the big reveal 😉

See the original at the 34 second mark in this post here.

Thanks Professeur Thibault for the tip.