Nokia HERE Acquires Desti, A Spin-off Of SRI International That Deals With AI And Natural Language Processing

After selling the Devices and Services division to Microsoft, Nokia is now trying to  build a great location platform out of HERE. Yesterday they announced that they have acquired Desti, an SRI international spin-off that uses artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to create deep knowledge of destinations by reading everything about them, and understands users’ natural language, so they can be specific and get the best results, immediately.

Desti is the first travel planner that understands you and understands travel. Desti’s iPad app helps you find exactly what you’re looking for when planning a trip – by simply asking for it. Desti uses artificial intelligence to sift through thousands of places, find you the best matches – and explain the relevance. Want to check what’s near this hotel? Just ask! Need a pet friendly park? Just ask! No more spending hours sifting through irrelevant search results. Desti will even read consumer reviews for you and summarize them – so you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself.

Desti finds everything you need on a trip – accommodations, attractions, activities and dining spots. Found places you like? Save them directly to a trip plan in Desti that you can come back to later, use while traveling, or share with friends and fellow travelers to get advice and assistance in planning.

Desti’s iPad work will stop working in 90 days and Nokia is trying to integrate this technology in to HERE platform. Analyst Neil Shah listed the following on what Desti acquisition mean for HERE business,

  • It beefs up HERE platform as a much more smarter contextual search engine
  • Integrating Desti engine also help integrating AI capabilities into HERE LiveSight for richer search experiences
  • Desti also brings a powerful Natural Language engine which when integration would be a significant boost for HERE platform’s in-vehicle search & navigation experiences
  • Desti will add a more personalized recommendations to the searches to provide more accurate and highly relevant location based results
  • When integrated well it will allow HERE platform to build a whole new class of intelligent location based services not just limited to travel but different verticals
  • This will eventually build a huge database (Big Data) for HERE platform to learn further about user-location-context which can be in future transformed into Big Information & actionable insights to build newer products, services and features to further enhance user experiences

Source: Nokia