Nokia gets design patent for phone with big camera hump–Pureview 3 coming?



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Nokia has been granted a design patent for a smartphone with a somewhat prominent camera hump, which suggests a Lumia with a “proper” Pureview sensor with tens of megapixels may be on the way.

The design was granted on 11th December 2012, but was submitted all the way back in October 14th 2011. On the other hand Nokia worked for 5 years on the 8080 Pureview, demonstrating the long incubation period between the conception and release of a handset.

NokiaPoweruser, who noticed the device, notes that it may have expandable memory, based on what appears to be a removable panel on the back of the device.

Are our readers still looking forward to a 20 or 40 megapixel Nokia Pureview Windows Phone, or is the Nokia Lumia 920 enough? Let us know below.

Update: The handset appears to be a Symbian Anna model, the Nokia 801T. Thanks to our commenters for the info.


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