Nokia Explains Why We Should Care About Concept Phones

Today Nokia posted a blog post explaining why concept phones matter in desgin process. Most of the time when we see phone design concepts we tend to ignore them because its not the one which we can buy in stores next  month or year.

According to Nokia,

Concept phones like all concept designs are often beautiful and awe-inspiring. Yet they don’t overcome real world design challenges and rarely, if ever, make it to the production line and into people’s hands. So why do designers bother with what some people might consider frivolous exercises in exhibitionism? Are all designers simply narcissists desperate for us to ogle their work? Fortunately not.

Because concept phones are only limited by a designer’s imagination, they help them explore every possible angle. Like brainstorming, concept design encourages designers to think outside the box and reduce the risk that they might miss a great idea. Concepts are sexy, too. Just look at Italian concept cars. By mixing blue sky thinking with rich visualization, concept phones evoke strong emotions and thoughts from us, their audience. And despite their impractical nature, they do have a practical function. By placing ideas into the public consciousness and giving designers something to aspire to, sometimes dreams turn into reality.

Nokia even cited Nokia Aeon concept phone which was shown in 2006 with full tocuh screen over the front of the device which is becoming an industry standard for smartphones nowadays.

You can read more on this from Nokia Connects.

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