Nokia expects Windows Phone 8 to be a hit in the Middle East



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Nokia VP Middle East Tim Farrel

Due to the lack of RTL language support in Windows Phone 7 the Nokia Lumia range was never officially released in the Middle East.

That has all changed in Windows Phone 8 however, and Nokia expects this pent up demand will result in great performance in the region.

“Our new Windows 8 smartphone will support Arabic and is expected to be a big hit in the Middle East; we are clearly focused on our Lumia Windows phone devices ,” said Nokia vice-president (ME) Tom Farrell in an interview with the Gulf Times.

He said Nokia is bullish about prospects in the GCC region, Qatar in particular.

“We do very well in the region. Six out of every 10 mobile users in the region still use Nokia. In Qatar, we have been able to maintain our strong presence with the support of our local partner CGC,” Farrell said.

He said Nokia was focussing their investment in smart handsets such as the Lumia and Asha range, and the aim was to reach the 4.2 billion phone users who are not using smartphones.

“Globally, there are about 5.4bn mobile phone users of whom only about 1.2bn use smartphones. And a sizeable number of the smartphone users do not access Internet. So, there is a huge market out there. This cannot be handled by one or a few handset manufacturers,” Farrell said.

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