Nokia exclusive apps not coming to Micromax devices



Author Surur // in News

The new Micromax Windows Phone handsets represent amazing value for Windows Phone users used to paying a lot more for a lot less, but it seems there is one thing which new Windows Phone users who chose to opt for other OEMs will be missing out on.

According to, who attended the launch of the handsets:

Microsoft has also said that the Lumia exclusive apps will not be coming or supported on any of the Micromax Windows Phone smartphones anytime in the future.

This includes extremely poplar apps like Nokia’s Mix Radio, Nokia’s Camera apps, Here maps and more.

Now of course this may not be exactly accurate, as we certainly expect users will be able to download Here Maps, but Nokia (now Microsoft)’s bevy of exclusive apps extends well beyond that.

The issue highlights the new issue of Microsoft competing with their own OEMs, which sets up a confusing situation for buyers.

How much do our readers value these apps? Are they worth a few hundred dollars or a downgrade in specs such as screen resolution? Let us know below.


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