Nokia announces contributions to SONiC ecosystem led by Microsoft


Back in 2016, Microsoft first proposed the idea of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud). SONiC is a collection of software networking components required to build network devices like switches. Over the past few years, several leading technology companies including Arista, Broadcom, Dell, Alibaba Group and Mellanox have joined SONiC project. Today, Nokia announced contributions to SONiC ecosystem led by Microsoft. Nokia has now developed a chassis-based SONiC implementation focused on the requirements of high capacity data centers.

“The SONiC initiative represents yet another dimension of our collaboration with Microsoft, and is consistent with our commitment to customers building the biggest and most advanced datacenter infrastructures. We are happy to bring our experience to bear in delivering the most robust and capable chassis-based SONiC implementation possible,” said Sri Reddy, President of IP and Optical Networks at Nokia.

“We are pleased to be working with Nokia as part of the SONiC initiative. Their contributions to the community on chassis-based SONiC are raising the bar on what is possible and what is needed. We are happy to see networking suppliers like Nokia, with over a million routers deployed, contributing to our community,” said Yousef Khalidi, CVP Azure Networking at Microsoft.

Source: Nokia