Nokia continuing to work on Lumia 800 camera software update


Way back in October 2011, before the Lumia 800 even launched, we noticed the 8 megapixel shooter was not producing the quality pictures which we were expecting from a Nokia camera phone with its Carl Zeiss lens.

In November Damian Dinning, Nokia’s “imaging guru” and the owner of the imaging experience for Nokia Smart Devices has posted on twitter that a software update was coming which will  improve performance of the camera. So far nothing specific has been delivered, but Dinning has continued to promise improvements, posting today that they are still “working on some improvements.”

Of course Dinning did not provide any ETA for the now long awaited update, which is a pity, as good image quality is really the expected birth right of a Nokia smartphone, and of course a major selling point for the iPhone 4S.

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