Nokia Camera App Updated, No Changelog Provided



Nokia Camera App Download

Nokia Camera app got updated today to v4.3.0.9. This seems to be a minor bug-fix update and there is no change log mentioned in the Windows Phone Store listing as well. Nokia Camera app now integrates all the features of Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam so that you don’t have switch between your apps to best capture the moment. Nokia Camera App Download QR

The auto mode makes it easy for anyone to capture great images with ease, and provides quick access to sport and night controls. And when you want to create that perfect composition, manual mode offers controls for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus.

There’s also smart mode, which shoots a sequence of photos that can be combined in different ways. Try emphasizing motion, removing moving objects or showing action with a strobe effect. You can also change faces in group shots so everyone will have their eyes open.

Original versions are stored, so you can zoom, reframe and edit your photos long after you took them.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

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